YachtLuxe began its foundation in 2018 working alongside yacht pioneers. Yachtluxe was built on core values that include but are not limited to leadership by example, integrity and transparency. YachtLuxe cares about each client’s yacht rental experience as well as the success of each yacht’s charter program. YachtLuxe works with owners, brokers, and clients directly. Communication between all parties is a priority for us. We understand that a successful yacht charter requires many components and want other professionals in the industry to also benefit from the charter operations. YachtLuxe follows a certain code of ethics, which is why our brand is recognized as one of the top Miami yacht rental companies. We screen all our clients prior to booking in order to maintain a yacht fleet that is up to par with the brand we have created. We strive for quality. YachtLuxe has built professional relationships with some of the most reputable yacht brokerages in the yacht charter industry. Our mission statement as a company is to make the process of renting a yacht simple and conduct good business.

Meet The Team

Myke Ortiz, President

Myke was born in Miami, FL. His father owned a Renegade center console boat growing up. He has always had a connection to the ocean. Myke is the president and CEO of YachtLuxe CO.  He has been working in yachting for almost a decade now. Myke began his yachting career at Roscioli Yachting Center where he had several years of mentorship from the late Mr. Roscioli. Myke states “he gave me an opportunity of an entry-level job that later turned into me finding my true passion and using his inspiring story to later start my own in the yachting industry.” During Myke’s time at Roscioli, he wore many hats. He was quickly promoted to purchasing manager. He mastered each new role very quickly and worked side by side with project managers with over 30 years of yachting experience such as Tom Glass. Myke met many yacht owners and was first introduced to the concept of yacht charters in 2015.  Myke states “the business of yacht charters was very intriguing to me, and the idea never left my mind. I would not stop until I became one of the best in the Miami yacht rental business.”

Myke was ready to venture out and take a leap of faith by starting his own yacht rental business. In 2019 the vision of YachtLuxe was born. Myke took a  new job where he would make substantially less money.  This gave him more time and opportunities to make connections he would use as a foundation for starting this yacht charter company. Myke began working for Scott Huizenga at Williams Island Marina as a dockmaster.  In a short time of a year, he made several connections with yacht managers, yacht brokers, and yacht captains. He started YachtLuxe while still working at Williams Island full-time.

YachtLuxe quickly grew and Myke was no longer able to work at Williams Island and run the business efficiently. Myke became a full-time business owner and yacht broker. 4 years later, YachtLuxe is constantly expanding and growing and has 4 charter specialists on board.

Favorite Yacht: “HANNA” 94’ Riva

Vanessa Diaz, Charter Specialist

Vanessa is a South Florida native with an innate attraction to the ocean and warm weather.

She is of Colombian descent and a fluent Spanish speaker. She grew up in Miami and experienced yachts at a young age. Vanessa is a yacht charter specialist who has an extensive yachting career that began in the sector of insurance. She has a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in Psychology and has both the 2-15 and 2-20 state licenses. She has worked at Total Dollar Insurance and Oversea Yacht Insurance, both located in Fort Lauderdale. She is an active member of the yachting professional community. She has been a member of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) for the past 5 years. Her industry experience and devotion to doing right by others make her an asset to YachtLuxe and an exceptional yacht charter connoisseur.

Favorite Yacht: “ANOTHER ONE” 112’ San Lorenzo

Luis Coradin, Charter Specialist

Being born and raised in South Florida, Luis was exposed to boating and fishing at an early age.

Luis states that “growing up in Miami always made boating one of my top hobbies.” The Miami yacht rental business was always lucrative to Luis. Luis is passionate about the yachting lifestyle and enjoys helping people navigate through the process of chartering yachts. He states that his goal is to provide an exceptional yacht rental experience for his clients. Each client is an individual with different desires, and I want to tailor my services and use my knowledge to always exceed their expectations. His competitive nature, desire to learn, love for people, and experience on the water make him a key player at Yacht Luxe and an outstanding yacht charter specialist.

Favorite Yacht: “SCARLET” 103’ Azimut

Luis Photo_1